Widget Content Option: Background

Since: 1.0 Last Updated: Version: 1.5
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The widget Background option sets a color or background image for the content area of the widget, such as individual slides or columns.


Background Color

Click Select Color to bring up the color wheel to choose a color. You may optionally enter a color manually using its HEX code.

  • Background colors should match any background image you set, as the darkness or lightness of the color will determine whether the text in this content area is black or white by default.
  • Setting a background  in Content Widget columns will add 20px of padding around the column.

Backround Image

Click Choose Image and upload or select an image to fill the content area behind your text with something other than a solid color.

  • Textures, photos and images without embedded text are best.
  • Full-size images  should be at least 1920px wide and as tall as the space it intends to fill to ensure highest quality at all screen sizes.
  • Tiles or repeatable images can be any size you want.

When you set a background image, the following settings will appear:

Background Repeat

Choose Repeat only if you want your image to tile. Best used with small patterns and textures.

Background Position

This option aligns your image and can help you adjust the placement of the subject of your background if needed.

Top will display it from Top-down, Bottom from bottom-up, Left from top-left and right from top-right. Center is the absolute center and is usually best.


Check this option if you want your image to always fill the slide at all screen sizes. This is helpful if your image is less than 1908px but should not be used on images below 1600px or you risk significant quality loss at higher resolutions.


Check this option to add a semi-transparent dark overlay to your image. This can help your text stand out better on bright images or images with high contrast.