Widget Content Option: Text

Since: 1.0 Last Updated: Version: 1.5
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The Text option controls the alignment and styling of the title and excerpt within the content area.

Text Align

The Text align option will affect the alignment of text inside the text column of the content area (versus the Image Align which determines the overall layout or placement of the text in relation to the image column). Choose from Left, Center, Right or Justified.

Text Size

Choose from Small, Medium or Large.

Each size option is pre-configured with optimal balance, line height and font-size combinations and will vary depending on your font choice in Site Settings, or custom styling added through a Style Kit or Child Theme.

Text Color

Depending on the background color of the content area, your text will be black or white by default, but can be customized here.

Click on Select Color  to expand the color wheel and click to select a color from the palette or enter an HTML hex value.