Widget Content Option: Featured Media

Since: 1.0 Last Updated: Version: 1.5
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image-iconFeatured Media


This setting adds an image or oEmbed media to the content area of your  slide, column, tab etc. Unlike the background option, images and oEmbed media added here are fully responsive.

Featured Image

Click CHOOSE IMAGE and upload or select an image from your Media Library.

  • Images should be at least 960px wide for best results, and will be cropped or scaled automatically depending on the side of the column and your Image Ratio choice.

Video URL(oEmbed)

  • This field takes any oEmbed content URL
  • Most major media platforms support oEmbed, including YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Twitter and Dailymotion.
  • The URL is copied from the “Share” link on the audio or video player.
  • oEmbed media will take the place of Featured Images

See How to Embed Audio & Video with Layers for detailed information on using oEmbed.

Image Ratio

The icon bar at the bottom of the Featured Media panel controls how your featured image is displayed.

The following specifications pertain to using the Boxed Layout. Full Width Layouts need your chosen images to be at least 600px wide.

  • Portrait: Uses the 340px wide scale of portrait oriented images, or crops your image to 340px from center. The original height is maintained.
  • Landscape: Uses the 480px wide scale of landscape oriented images, or crops your portrait images from center.
  • Square: crops your image to 480×480 from center
  • Original: Uses the original image, scaled proportionately to fit the layout. For left and right aligned images, this is a max of 630px wide. For center-aligned images, this is a max of 1000px wide.
  • Circle: Sets a radius on your image.  To get a perfect circle, your original image must be square. Portrait and Landscape originals will produce ovals.