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Outputs your custom code after the logo wrapper opening div, and before the code inside the logo wrapper (such as the image, site description, site title etc)

Location: partials/header-logo.php

Code output appears after:

Code output appears before:

The following diagram illustrates the difference between the layers_before_logo hook  (A) and the layers_before_logo_inner hook  (B)



Because this hook outputs content after the opening logo div, it can be used for any code that you want to insert into the logo container that you wish to stay inline with the logo.  Code inserted with this hook inherits all of the .logo class styling including the float, based on the layout chosen in the Layers header options. The above illustration uses the left logo layout, so code inserted with this hook would display in the B position to the left of the logo container content. If you used the center logo layout, it would appear above it.

One use of this hook might be to add something like a toggle button next to the logo that opens the pop-in sidebar or a top container you have inserted using the layers_before_site_wrapper to create a drawer with a contact form.