Since: 1.0.7 Last Updated: Version: 1.1.5
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Outputs your custom code before the post excerpt and after the featured image on post list pages and Blog template. Even though the location is similar to layers_after_feature_media in this case, this hook modifies only the post list, rather than all instances of where a featured image appears.

Location: partials/content-list.php

Code output appears after:

Code output appears before:


This hook can be useful if you want to insert custom code, such as buttons, links or static text, between the featured image and post content on the post list pages. This example uses layers_post_meta to show the date in this location. It assumes the post meta output after the content is being filtered or hidden with CSS.

1.1.5 – This hook is now inside the condition that checks if the post has any content, so the output will not appear if the post editor or excerpt is left totally blank. Use layers_after _featured_media to insert code before this condition starts, and layers_before_list_post_meta to insert code after it closes, if needed.