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Outputs your custom code after the Site Title and Description(tagline) displayed after the Logo in your Site Header.  This code is inside of the .site-description   wrapper and will not appear if the Title and Description are turned off in your Header settings of the Customizer.

Location: partials/header-logo.php

Code output appears after:

Code output appears before:


This hook is useful for inserting a code snippet such as an image, icon-font, or link that you want to use or conform to the site-wrapper container styling specifically, or that you want to appear between the logo and the site title. If you just want to place something after the logo and are not using the site title, you can use layers_after_logo_inner or layers_after_logo. This example illustrates how you can insert a few social links after your logo using icon-fonts (this requires your child theme to be enqueing fontawesome)