Plugin Compatibility

The current plugins are currently being reported as causing conflicts with Layers, or are incompatible:

Autooptimize – minifies JS and CSS – minifying is never needed on WordPress sites so either turn it off or try a different caching plugin such as WP Rocket or Cometcache

JetPack – Widget Visibility and the extra widgets currently cause a bug in WordPress that will dump all your Layers widgets into the inactive sidebar. This will not only blank out your pages but cause increased customizer lag. turn off these modules, then go to your Layers pages and restore the last revision.

Old Layers Extensions – All Layers extensions that have not been updated since May 2016 will cause customizer conflicts with Layers 1.5+ and may cause your themes or other plugins to break in weird ways including breaking background controls, sliders or the refresh/Save option.  Please contact these authors to request an update, and leave the plugin deactivated whil page building.

SiteOrigins Widget Bundle – do not use these widgets in Layers pages. It is not compatible with the Customizer and may cause your page data to be erased. SiteOrigins Page Builder can still be used in your normal pages and posts without issue.

Layers includes default support for WPML, and WooCommerce.

Compatible Layers Extensions include most extensions updated or released since May 2016 and updated to work with Layers 1.5+

Layers Pro, StoreKit and DevKit are developed by the Layers team and are always 100% compatible with Layers. Themes and extensions found to cause conflicts with Pro need to update their codebase to use current Layers development standards to fix any issues, and ensure all custom controls use unique identifiers.

Layers features a growing list of Extensions built to work within the Layers customizer and builder pages. You may find these on our website or under LayersMarketplace

Compatible plugins are those that properly enqueue scripts, do not bundle jQuery and which do not force CSS styling overrides – all of which should work without a hitch while Layers is active. The following front-end plugins have been found to be particularly useful or are compatible specifically with builder pages and may enhance your site building experience. Compatibility is based on community recommendations or our own experiences.

  • Intercom
  • EasyGram
  • Launchpad
  • Social Commerce
  • Yoast SEO
  • CM Plugins
  • Auth0
  • Vanilla Forums
  • BBPress
  • Simply Show Hooks
  • Shortcodes Ultimate (please note, the shortcode browser does not work in the Customizer, which is an issue the author is working to solve, but a SU shortcode can be pasted into the widget or into the Slider or Content Widget excerpt area without issue)
  • Super Socializer
  • Simple Lightbox
  • Lightbox 2
  • Contact Form 7
  • Fast and Secure Contact Form
  • Gravity Forms
  • Ninja Forms
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • BuddyPress
  • Poor Guy’s Swiss Knife for WooCommerce
  • Master Slider
  • Meta Slider
  • Slider Revolution*
  • Image Widget
  • Crayon Syntax Highlighter
  • Code Higlight JS
  • SiteOrigins PageBuilder*
  • Aesop Story Engine
  • Shortcodes Ultimate
  • Sprout Invoices
  • Newsletter
  • WP Subscribe
  • Events Manager
  • MailChimp for WP
  • UserNoise
  • JetPack without the enhanced options activated – See How to configure Jetpack for Layers

*A Note about page builder plugins:

Layers is designed to free your site from the overhead and page load that most page builder plugins introduce into WordPress. Plugins like Visual Composer, Beaver Builder and Page Builder should only be used with the Layers template when absolutely necessary. Not only will the widget data not be retained the same way as Layers (because Layers is not designed for these plugins), but doing so adds foreign HTML and scripting to your Layers pages that can lead to unpredictable results we will not be able to support. We have found Shortcodes Ultimate and other plugins that add elements via Shortcodes have the best outcome, as the shortcodes can be placed in the Content Widget. If you need to use a specific builder within Layers, please contact the plugin author and ask them to test on Layers to help build in compatibility with our free framework. Note that these builder plugins may work fine when used in your posts or with the Blank page template.

If a plugin is not on this list, that does not mean it is not compatible, it just means we don’t know for certain that it is! If you are a plugin author and have tested your plugins with Layers, drop us a line to let us know your findings and any tips and tricks you would like to share with the Layers community.  We also welcome tutorial submissions for how to use your plugin with Layers.

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