Layers Update 1.2.5


Last Updated: Time to Read: Less than a minute
  • Transparent background color added to WooCommerce product meta.
  • Framework CSS:.title  line-height is more compliant to font changes.
  • Framework CSS:.title  padding is now set on the parent container to accommodate for future features and better font size control.
  • Framework CSS:  .amount  color has been moved to the .price wrapper.
  • Off-canvas sidebar/mobile sidebar has a new close button and the site-wrapper goes 20% darker when pop out is open.
  • We have removed esc_html()  from widget title fields to allow for the use of basic HTML tags like <strong> , <span>  etc. Do not put heading tags into the title field.
  • Removed ‘Edit Layout’ from the Admin Bar now that WordPress 4.3 has added the Customize link.
  • Search box no longer breaks to two lines in the footer.
  • Widget anchor IDs are now correctly displayed in the widget Advanced option and can be highlighted/copied more easily.
  • WooCommerce category listings now fall into columns properly in the shop page. Please ensure WooCommerce is up to date on your install.

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