Layers Update 1.2.4


Last Updated: Time to Read: 1 minute


  • Menu items with sub-menus now have down arrow and right arrows (using Layers Icon font).
  • Added a ‘grab’ cursor to sliders with more than one slide.
  • Added .demo_store announcement css.
  • Header Cart changes – including css tidy and removal of background color on cart-total span.


  • .form-allowed-tags  .2rem smaller font-size
  • Tidy up of some .sidebar CSS


  • Products in archive pages now obey the WooCommerce column settings.
  • Products in the cart page no obey the column settings.
  • Default WooCommerce sites no longer have a forced #f3f3f3 site accent color.
  • Added conditions around the code which moves the default customizer sections around.
  • 4.3 customizer styling
  • Fixed Undefined index: google_maps_zoom in layerswp/core/widgets/modules/contact.php on line 181  error.

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WordPress 4.3 is slated for Tuesday, August 18 and many Layers Extensions have yet to be updated for the PHP constructor changes.

Most users will not see an error unless they have debugging enabled. However, deprecated constructors can lead to functionality issues with your widgets.

Check out this quick fix and be sure to read over the WordPress 4.3 Field Notes to determine if you need to make other adjustments.