Layers Release 1.5


Since: 1.5 Last Updated: for: 1.5.1 Time to Read: 3 minutes

Layers 1.5 is a major front-end update that includes new flexible grids, improved template markup, and a handful of bug fixes.

Be sure to update all Layers Extensions and your child theme before running this update! If you encounter a child theme or extension that causes problems in the customizer or stops working after installing this Layers update, please contact the product author via their Themeforest or Code Canyon product page to alert them to the problem and request and update. See this article for troubleshooting.

  • WordPress 4.5 introduced a new Logo control for the customizer. As a result, the control has been updated in Layers and will require you to reset your logo.
    • If you have Layers Pro installed, Skip Cropping when uploading logos!
    • If you have JETPACK installed, disable the Site Icon module!
  • Entirely new grid code improves grid flexibility and responsiveness. See the updated Grid reference for details.
  • Added subtle animation to.sub-menu  drop down.
  • Added Open Graph meta support.
  • Added margin and padding (top and bottom) to the Content widget columns.
  • Parallax Background option in Widgets (Layers Pro 1.6)
  • New Button customization for Content Widgets (Layers Pro 1.6)
  • Heading Tag select for widget titles (Layers Pro 1.6)
  • Improved Button customization in widgets where enabled


  • Replaced widget and sidebar wrapper<section/> containers with <div/>  to improve HTML5 outline for better accessibility.
  • Updated associated CSS where section[class]    was used.
  • Show Address and Show Contact Form are now defaulted to on in the Contact widget.
  • .story img  changed from 98% to 100% width.
  • Product quantity field enabled in the mobile view of the Cart page.


  • Added quotes around font names in rendered CSS when using Google fonts, so that now fonts with a space in the name load without issue.
  • Multiple Maps should no longer cause conflicts when loaded on the same page on some installs.
  • Layers Pro Button Colors no longer override Post widget button options
  • Full width footer content no longer touches sides, padding left-right has been added.
  • Fixed Image-bottom align icon in Slider Widget
  • get_currentuserinfo()<span style="background-color: #f4f4f4;"> warning in 4.5 should no longer trigger
  • Fixed WooCommerce tab alignment issue in responsive mode.
  • Darken should now darken backgrounds in the Content Widget more reliably.
  • Fixed aligncenter bug in blog posts which stopped images from centering.
  • Last item in in horizontal design bar Drop down now opens right: 0   to avoid overflow bug on tablets.
  • Changed some legacy references from plugins_url() to LAYERS_TEMPLATE_URI to support older WordPress versions.
  •  Fixed “standard” widget layout on Layers pages.
  • Changed get_the_permalink() to get_permalink()
  • Change how
    Javascript event is triggered so it can be used to initialize not only the Widgets but also the Customizer Controls.
  • Removed
    function – it’s no longer needed now that the Customizer only loads Widget forms when needed, not all at once resulting in Firefox hanging.
  • 'show_trash'
    declaration in the design bar now requires an explicit TRUE flag.
  • id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>"
    now applies to the
    wrapper in single posts & pages.
  •  Added
    to post archive containers to support infinite scroll and other jQuery loading implementations.
  • Changed Off-canvas sidebar from a
  • New Button control for widgets can be initialized in Design Bar or repeater field options bar and includes several new options.
  • All divs with the
    class changed to

Layers 1.5 is a major front-end update and includes markup and CSS changes that will affect your custom themes and widgets. Be sure to check out the Layers 1.5 Developer Update Guide  to get your products updated! If you missed our beta notification earlier in April, be sure to sign up to our mailing list to be notified of release candidates before they are published.


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