Layers Release 1.5.7


Last Updated: Time to Read: Less than a minute


  • Added accordian duplication feature.
  • Added new Layers Add On listings – you can now preview official Layers products from the admin
  • Tweaked the column width of shop list pages (was previously span-3, now span-4).
  • Columns widths from span-4 to span-11 no longer collapse when masonry or video content is in there.
  • Accordion and tabs columns will now display the item title when collapsed
  • Fixed an issue keeping maps from appearing on some installs
  • Clicking “clear” will now clear the colors in some controls previously not working
  • Fixed erroneous map URL sitting in functions.php.
  • Fixed Complete Setup in dashboard. Thanks @easterncoder
  • Marketplace link no longer overrides Layers Pages link on Dashboard tabs. Thanks @easterncoder
  • Fixed </script> tag bug in the Discover Photos tab. Thanks@tokkonopapa
  • Fixed errant <a href=“”> in the author tags. Thanks @flagsoft *

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