Layers Release 1.5.5


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This update adds a Maps API key option to Site Settings  → Additional Scripts to workaround the Contact & Map Widget Oops Something Went Wrong Error.  See How to Setup Your Google API Key to configure this option.

  • Added .meta-info-vertical  to override inline meta items from custom templates.
  • Styling support for new tabbed WooCommerce My Account pages
  • Fixed word-wrap issue in .story and .copy divs.
  • Header →Additional Scripts, Google Analytics and Footer →Additional Scripts have been combined into one panel Additonal Scripts now found  under Site Settings.  This change will cause the Layers Pro Menu Settings panel to disappear until you update Layers Pro to 1.6.5.
  • Nav Pill CSS has slightly more padding for better text alignment. DP
  • Change the way we enqueue our slider script and css to rather use the WP register & enqueue functions which allow us to enqueue wherever needed.
  •  Changed the way we enqueue our masonry script


UPDATE LAYERS                     View on GitHub

If you have Layers Pro, you must download the newest update and reinstall it.

  • Fix – Prevent erroneous display of the Menu Social Icons in the Customizer in old versions of WP . Make sure you update WordPress to the latest version under Dashboard > Update.
  • Change – Change away from registering the slider script and css, to enqueue the scripts pre-registered by Layers

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