Layers Release 1.5.4


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Updated FontAwesome to version 4.6.3

  • Fade-in the Slider only after it has been initialized.
  • Enable WordPress Selective Widget Refresh – widgets update much faster by sending changes via JS, no page refresh required.
  • Fixed sub-menus when header menu is not yet set.
  • Bring back shift-click to edit Layers widgets in the Customizer. This was removed by changes in the widget container format in a recent WP update.
  • off-canvas cart buttons are no longer breaking.
  • Gallery captions now display on hover in WordPress galleries
  • Images in posts are no longer display: block which was breaking image alignment options in posts.

Layers Pro 1.6.4

  • Added selective refresh for widges.
  • Fixed social network button visual anomalies in Appearance > Menus
  • Round image ratio should now work in Post Carousel (your original images must be larger than 600×600)


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