Layers Release 1.2.10


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You ask, we listen.  Layers 1.2.10 is due before the new year and includes several fixes and code improvements to make the new WordPress 4.4 update even better.

The Layers Updater plugin has been updated too, so be sure to update that before running the Layers theme update!

  • .button-collection has been refined to cater for .button-social and preparation for more inline buttons in original widget.
  • Added a new filter to design bar controls in preparation for further Layers Pro features
  • Added a new hooks to the the core Layers widgets, such as layers_after_slider_widget_inner . See the Hook Reference for details.
  • Added layers_get_vimeo_id  and layers_get_youtube_id  functions to helpers/template.php
  • Sidebar options have been moved from Site Settings → Sidebars to their own panels under Blog → Archive and Blog → Posts & Pages
  • The design bar Background image interface has been redesigned to support video background controls in Layers Pro
  • Transparent Header option is no longer hidden under the Sticky Header toggle
  • Circle ratio in the Posts Widget now makes images circles once again
  • Fixed slider arrow centering when the Boxed slider layout is chosen
  • Fixed the presence of an empty div when a post in the archive page has no content

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