Layers Hotfix 1.2.7


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This hotfix resolves a debug error on adding a new slider widget the first time in a page, which manifests itself as the slider not appearing in the preview until the page is saved and the customizer reloaded. It also resolves a back-end JS error when selecting a font in Site Settings, which you hopefully didn’t notice :)

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Layers Release 1.2.6

  • WooCommerce: Improved visual look of WooCommerce widgets when placed in the footer panels.
  • WooCommerce: Cart quantity color is now dynamic using RGBA values.
  • Core: Added layers-range  Customizer control.
  • Core: Added Heading Divider layers-heading-divider  Customizer control.
  • Core: Added TRBL (Top, Right, Bottom, Left for Padding and Margin) layers-trbl-field  Customizer control.
  • Core: Added Customizer state-remembering to the Panels, Sections and Widgets so position gets remembered across page-refresh (added in off-state till further testing)
  • Customizer: Added Reset-to-Default button to the controls (added in off-state till further testing)
  • Core: Made FontAwesome available to the theme front-end – this means the style is registered but not enqueued so  devs can enqueue it by it’s hook layers-font-awesome
  • Core: Added framework method for doing repeated content/fields in Layers Widgets using the following helper functions register_repeater_defaults() , repeater() , get_layers_field_name() , get_layers_field_id()
  • Core: Added new method to add fields or field-groups to the Layers Design-Bar
  • Core: Added animations to make deleting items in the widgets (with repeater items) more explanatory and friendly. e.g. Columns and Slides.
  • Core: Added custom jquery-easing to use with Widgets on front-end – layersEaseInOut
  • Core: Slider CSS completely re-written to work with Flexbox, more reliable centering and auto-heighting
  • Core: Slider CSS has been split between components.css and responsive.css where relevant to screensize
  • Slider Widget: Image-bottom slider setting now available
  • Slider Widget: Large font in the slider now resizes to medium in responsive mode
  • Posts: Change list Read More button to be rendered by an action layers_list_read_more  – allow disabling, and a filter to get the text layers_read_more_text – allow modifying
  • Frontend: Created Using Layers icon is 50% smaller
  • Customizer: Changed “Preview this Page” to “View this Page”
  • Customizer: The’Layout’ panels have been renamed to  “Styling”, “Logo & Menu Position” to “Header Arrangement”, “Header Style” to “Features”
  • Widgets: Added class names to the Layers widgets – layers-contact-widget , layers-content-widget , layers-post-widget , layers-slider-widget
  • Customizer: Customizer controls take ‘colspan ‘ arg that controls its column span eg 3 will span 3 of 12 column grid.
  • Customizer: trbl  Customizer control can be limited to use just ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ by using the 'fields ‘ setting and passing args array of required fields.
  • Customizer: To set customizer controls classnames use: class  to add to the the container  classname (boxes the container), and input_class  to add to the input  classname.
  • Widgets: layers_inline_styles()  now outputs cleaner more human-readable CSS block.
  • Slider Widgets: The Slider Height option has been moved  to the top of the Slider menu in the Design Bar
  • Auto-height slide no longer breaks when you only have one slide.
  • Fixed “Powered by Envato” typo in marketplace.
  • Fixed Search results when empty
  • Focus slide fix, when entering the customizer.
  • Auto padding on top of first widget when is unique widgets like slider now also takes into account the custom padding added by user there to start with.

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