Layers HotFix 1.2.1


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This is a hotfix for major release 1.2.0


The Rich Text Editor in widgets now allows <script>  tags for backwards compatibility.

If you previously had <style> tags inside this field, you should move that CSS into the Advanced CSS panel of the widget so it is loaded properly.

Hiding of the text editor before initialization now uses a less specific class than .hide to solve issues with plugins loading conflicting bootstrap css styles.

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Layers 1.2.0

This major release addresses security, speed and introduces Rich Tex-Editing (RTE) to  the Layers Widgets

Tags in post meta all around the theme are now fixed

  • Changed concat()  method for echo  functions in some files to enhance performance
  • Added extra checks on the Theme Options partial loader logic
  • Decreased the usage of extract  to avoid $GLOBAL[]  overwrites in widget forms
  • Up to 800% speed improvements on the initialization of the customizer!
  • Layers widgets now have Rich Text-Editing in the description and content/excerpt fields to allow WYSIWYG formatting of content and basic HTML input via the code view. See the Layers User Guide for updated information and video demo of  the editor toolbar in these widgets, read the blog post and review the input() reference for important information on how to update your Extensions or include RTE in your own widgets.


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