Layers for Elementor User Guide

With the acquisition of Layers by Elementor, we developed a new theme called Layers for Elementor, (also referred to as Layers 3.0).

This post will explain how they differ, and how to make the best of Layers for Elementor.

Layers for Elementor introduces an entirely new way to build pages, forgoing the Layers builder you may be familiar with and replacing it with the Elementor builder.

This means that your current Layers pages will not work right away with the new builder, therefore it is best to install Layers for Elementor on new sites going forward.

It’s important not to attempt to replace an existing Layers site by simply  installing Layers for Elementor. If you want to update an existing site, it’s best to do so using a staging site to re-create your pages using Elementor

Thankfully the Elementor builder has blocks which can completely replace the blocks that were available in Layers and Layers Pro, here’s a summary of how you’ll use the Elementor instead of the Layers builder:

Using the Inner Section Widget

The content widget is the backbone of the Layers builder, and thankfully using the Inner Section Widget will achieve exactly what you need with Elementor

How to use the Inner Section Widget

Elementor Pro includes a Sliders widget which you can use to replicate the Layers slider:

How to use the Slide Widget

If you’re not on Elementor Pro, the Image Carousel widget will also work great for banners:

How to use the Image Carousel Widget

Elementor has a great maps widget which you can use to replace the Layers contact widget:

How to use the Google Maps Widget

The tab and accordion widgets are available in the free Elementor version right off the bat:

How to use the Tabs Widget
How to use the Accordion Widget

The Social Icon widget which was available in Layers Pro can be replaced by the free version of Elementor:

How to use the Social Icon Widget

Elementor Pro has the Call to Action widget which is useful for attracting attention to important buttons around your site:

How to use the Call to Action Widget

Part of the reason we chose Elementor as our partner for Layers is simple: they have a huge array of widgets including some widgets which were requested almost daily by Layers users:

Combining Layers and Elementor  does just stop at the standard widgets, you can also build rich layouts using their dynamic content functionality, and with Elementor Pro, you can even use the builder to create entirely custom headers, footers, single and archive pages, not to mention completely custom WooCommerce pages.

Read about the Elementor Theme Builder


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