Layers 1.0.7 Release


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  • Widget placeholder text is now translatable.
  • Added hooks to title container, posts and pages
  • Added Arabic
  • Added French
  • Added Japanese
  • Added Hindi
  • Added Portuguese
  • Added Portuguese – Brazil
  • Added Russian
  • Added Thai
  • Changed the way the Layers customizer menu is constructed in render_customizer_menu() to make it more extensible
  • WooCommerce CSS tweaks on product-single.php
  • Slider CSS tweaks
  • When adding a new standard page and selecting the Layers Template without clicking save the customizer would throw a 404, now we force users to click save first
  • Layers Page Import and Export now working as intended
  • When switching to a Layers child theme, customizer settings are now kept alive and transferred to your child theme

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Fixes an issue with slider widget placement in mobile views