Layers 1.0.5 Release


Last Updated: Time to Read: 1 minute
This update addresses stability, ease of use and localization
  • Added the ability to bypass the built-in Customizer sanitization
  • Added language support for Chinese (simplified), Turkish, German and Spanish
  • Clicking anywhere on the page will close any open design bar sub menus
  • The Layers “Page Builder” template is now labelled “Layers Template” in the drop-down.
  • Customizer nav menu has been converted to a drop-down for easier/more semantic navigation
  • Added MIT license information to swiper.js
  • Adjusted grouped product styling in WooCommerce
  • Text change ‘Editing widget content’ slide
  • Removed unused WooCommerce CSS
  • Unchecking all post meta in the widget Display options now correctly hides all the meta
  • Top menu no longer pre-fills pages in unused menu locations.
  • WooCommerce pages no longer have a spacing issue when right sidebar is turned on
  •  .sub-menu width in off-canvas menu has been fixed to avoid text-wrapping
  • Fixed big gap appearing above a sticky header when you’re logged in on a mobile phone
  • Removed dots from payment methods radio buttons in WooCommerce checkout page
  • Selecting visual selectors or design bar sub-menus inside widgets will deselect visual active states of the controls
  • get_theme_mod( ‘custom-css’ ); no longer uses layers_inline_style, this is in preperation of PostMessage support