How to Replace the WordPress Welcome Panel in Dashboard

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In addition to adding Custom Onboarding pages to your Layers Child Themes or Extensions, you can add a number of functions that allow for customizing various aspects of the WordPress Admin. While Admin Customization should be avoided in Child Themes and Extensions destined for sale to the general public (unless specifically designed for admin customization, of course), some functions are useful when preparing single client sites. This tutorial focuses specifically on how you can use filters in a custom function to replace the WordPress Welcome tab on the Dashboard with your own links or content in cases where you need to direct clients to branded on-boarding or when their access to WordPress information is not important.

The <a href="" target="_blank">wp_welcome_panel()</a>  function uses the show_welcome_panel  user meta setting to determine whether or not to show the welcome panel.  In order add customization, you must filter get_user_metadata .

The following code snippets should be added to your theme’s functions.php  file.

Removing is easy, as you can just remove the hook that adds it in the first place:


You can replace the WP welcome panel with your own content using this snippet.