Support Policy

Most free WordPress Themes and plugins offer little to no support. We don’t want to leave you hangin’ high and dry, so we created a Community space where you can interact with one another to get help with setup, customization, use and development.

Requesting Support

Technical and setup support for Layers and Layers Pro is offered exclusively through Layers Messenger, which you can enable under Layers > Dashboard in your site admin. This method allows us to properly log and track issues, view important information about your site such as the URL, Layers version and Layers plugins installed, and respond as a team. It also allows you to receive and respond via email privately. We do ask that requests made via Layers Messenger adhere to our scope of support outlined below – due to volume and time constraints, we are not able to offer extended help with customization, or offer training in code techniques used in online tutorials.

For help with customization, general questions or to make a feature request, click Ask Question in the sidebar of this page.

Support requests made through all other channels, including Themeforest or CodeCanyon comments, Social Networks, or GitHub will be directed to

If you need help with a Layers Extension or Child Theme you purchased online, please contact the author.


What We Support (Scope)

You are free to post about any topic on our Community site provided it is related to Layers or how it relates to WordPress.

To ensure our time is used efficiently, the Layers Team reserves the right to limit its involvement to the following topics:

General Questions about Layers

This may include questions about our policies, roadmap, business, affiliates or marketing strategies, of which we reserve the right not to answer.

Setup and Use of Layers. Layers Child Themes or Extensions

Most topics of this nature can be solved through Self-Help. Here are some good starting points:

For issues regarding WordPress development, 3rd Party plugins, Layers themes and extensions not made by Obox, you may be directed to one of the alternative support resources listed in the sidebar, or to contact the theme or plugin author.


From errors to poor performance, we strive to make Layers the best builder framework out there and take every issue reported very seriously. We realize it can be tough to determine when a problem is actually Layers related, so ask that some basic troubleshooting be tried first:

  1. Update Layers
  2. Update WordPress
  3. Deactivate all plugins and retest
  4. Deactivate your child theme (if you have one) and retest
  5. Try a different browser/clear your browser cache

Here are some additional resources to start:


The following topics are left open for a period of community discussion/involvement before the Layers Team will get involved:

Customization of Layers

Customization refers to any modification or change to Layers templates, widgets or styles that require code or 3rd Party products to achieve. The Layers Team will assist to the extent of answering questions about the framework, CSS , directing you to published tutorials or assessing what is possible via Child Themes or Extensions.

Other members may assist you with customization using unconventional techniques or with varied skill.

Questions about or involving in-depth theme or extension development are considered development questions (see below)

Layers Development Questions

Our philosophy for support is one of educate first, solve second. We want you to learn the system you are using and to empower you to solve similar issues you may encounter in the future. To do this, we will often provide you with resources, links or the basics of what you need to get going.

Developers who need in-depth help with professional-level development tasks are urged to join our Developer #slack chat. For more information, go to our Developer portal.

Layers users or designers who need extensive custom development or CSS help may be directed to Envato Studio to hire a pro to assist, otherwise you are welcomed to request peer assistance from the community via your post.

Out of Scope

The following topics are welcome on our boards as well, but are not given priority:

3rd Party Plugins

Please visit the plugin author’s website or page on the plugin respository for help


For issues with updating WordPress, using the WordPress admin, or troubleshooting issues in WordPress visit

Refunds on Premium Products

We are not able to assist with refunds or product purchase issues here. Visit your CodeCanyon or Themeforest account and click on the Refund link for more info. If you purchased a Layers product through an unofficial channel such as Creative Market or a theme shop, please return to the point of purchase and look for the support or refunds link for help.

Layers Child Themes or Extensions (ie not made by Obox)

We can provide basic help with these, but it is best to contact the product author for support. Support for premium Layers products is listed on the Product page on CodeCanyon or Themeforest. If you purchased a premium Layers product from an unofficial source (ie not from Themeforest or CodeCanyon), view the Envato Support Policy here.

Other Resources

There are other great places you can get help with WordPress, 3rd Party plugins and general CSS questions:

Reporting Bugs

Bugs are coding issues that result in errors or functionality failures that can be repeated on multiple sites on multiple hosts and are given the highest priority.

If you’re already on GitHub, please submit issues using this link so our lead devs can track the issue and communicate with you in the best way possible.

The Layers Team will assess issues posted here and determine if it is something we can or will fix. If so, a bug tag will be added by us. We will Answer your post with any available workaround and to notify you when the fix has been released. See below for more information on Hotfixes and timeframes.

Support for Layers Products

If you have a question and need support for Layers Child Themes or Extensions purchased on Themeforest or CodeCanyon, please refer to the product author’s website or support options. For products created by the Layers team, please get in touch via Layers Messenger.

Child Themes

Child Themes created by the Layers Team (Obox) are supported for styling or visual issues only.  If you are using a 3rd party theme, please activate the main Layers theme to troubleshoot any issues and to determine if your child theme is the problem. We are not able to assist you with debugging custom themes!



Extensions created by the Layers Team (Obox) such as Layers Pro and StoreKit receive support via Layers Messenger. If you are using a 3rd party theme or extension (or both), please activate the main Layers theme and deactivate all other plugins to troubleshoot any issues and to determine if your child theme or 3rd party extensions are the problem. If you are developing a commercial extension and need help updating or debugging a specific issue, please contact us on Layers Messenger or via the @slack developer channel.

Dedicated Support

If you have purchased a premium Layers Theme or Extension authored by Obox, send your question to us via Layers Messenger

Dedicated support offers direct response from our team within 24 hours M-F via a private system. Please review the Envato Support Policy to see what Dedicated Support covers, as it differs from our community terms.


All refund requests should be directed to the point of sale. For official products, that is Envato.

Response Times and Feedback

Due to the voluntary and organic nature of this system, there is no service level in place that obligates our team or users to respond in a specific amount of time.  In general, you can expect a response within 24 hours for most issues within our scope when submitted via Layers Messenger. Developers working on commercial products with technical issues, Bugs and general issues that threaten your ability to use Layers are given the highest priority.

We recommend using Layers Messenger if you need urgent help with a technical problem.

Availability of Layers Team and Layers Developers

While the Layers Team needs to spend its time focusing on making Layers better, and building other great things to help you thrive, we monitor  technical problems and developer requests to ensure you get expert help when you need it most.  Our active times are typically M-F from 1PM to 5PM CET though the Layers Messenger system.

Layers Developers are also present on the forum on a voluntary basis to get help of their own and are not obligated to provide support or respond to private correspondence to their inbox or Social Networks if made public.

Not Getting a Response? Be patient!

  • Use Layers Messenger if you need a response from the Layers Team specifically
  • Do not Answer or Comment on your own post in an attempt to “bump” it asking for a response. This actually screws up the date stamp and could keep your post from being seen longer.
  • Do not create multiple posts on the same topic.
  • Do not contact members directly asking for a response, or post on other’s topics asking for help for an unrelated issue.
  • Upvoting is your only tool for increasing your post visibility.




The more frequent releases are, the greater the opportunity for something to be missed. We like to take it slow – not because we don’t care, but because we do. Serious issues get serious attention, and fixes are released when we are confident they are ready and will not impact existing setups.  Not all problems are created equal, though, and sometimes what is urgent is a case of perspective. We do our best to weigh issues based on that 80% rule. If we can’t hotfix it anytime soon, we’ll offer you a workaround.

Release Schedule

There’s a good rule of thumb within internet culture called the 1% rule. It states that “the number of people who create content on the internet represents approximately 1% (or less) of the people actually viewing that content”.

So while we consider it really important to listen and respond to those who post feedback and voice their opinions on forums, they only represent a tiny fraction of our end users. When making decisions on how to move forward with future versions of Layers, we look to engage more of those users who are not so vocal online. We do this by meeting and talking to users at events across the globe, this gives us a better balance of understanding and ultimately allows us to make better decisions for everyone moving forward.

Feature Requests & 3rd Party Compatibility

The Layers Team reviews every feature request, and discusses them at length to determine how viable the option is, how expensive it would be to develop, what format it should be in, and whether it is really useful. We don’t always have time to respond to every request, or to implement them ourselves. We make our Feature Request system a public one for this reason, so developers can come together to propose new ideas, collaborate, or check in on what is in demand to inspire their own roadmaps.

Why It’s Not In the Core

Many end users of Layers are not developers. They don’t know what jQuery is, nor do they often care about which version of WordPress they are using. The average Layers user simply wants to be able to build a cool-looking website with minimal effort. These are the users that we design for as they are ultimately the ones who need it the most.

The Philosophy of Minimalism

Every time you give a user an option, you are asking them to make a decision. When a user doesn’t care or understand the option this ultimately leads to frustration. As developers we often think providing options for everything makes a product more amazing – you can never have too many toggles and boxes, right? Under the hood, these are technical choices that the average end user has no interest in. It’s our duty as designers to make smart design decisions and avoid putting the weight of technical choices on our end users. This is why the core of Layers will always provide a solid array of basic features and that’s it.

The Philosophy of Extensibility

Layers is designed to provide a foundation for WordPress site building and theming. We are constantly asked “when will X feature be built” or “why isn’t X support integrated into the core”.  The rule of thumb, according to WordPress, is that the core should provide features that 80% or more of end users will actually appreciate and use. If the next version of Layers comes with a feature that the majority of users immediately want to turn off, or don’t notice or understand, then it was a waste of time and resources. If we focus on making the Layers of today as perfect as possible, the developers of tomorrow can fill these niches with plugins and child themes.

This system works because we have a very capable theme and plugin system and capable developer community. Every individual and their website is different, and allowing Layers to be customized in a modular way with plugins and themes gives the user ultimate control over the pricetag of their project, and the end result.

Terms of Use

We expect all members to interact with each other courteously, honorably and truthfully and set forth the following terms and conditions:

  1. By using this website you agree not to post images or information which could be considered slanderous, sexist or racist.
  2. By using this site, you agree not to abuse the time or availability of developers or Layers Team members by demanding support or requesting help through any channel other than those outlined above.
  3. By using this site, you agree that customization help is voluntary and that you may be directed to hire a pro or quoted a premium by a pro if requests require testing, extensive development or large amounts of code, which you are under no obligation to accept.
  4. Member information is private and may not be gathered, collected, reproduced or shared outside of this website in any public manner, for personal or commercial gain, manually or via a 3rd Party system. Member information includes but is not limited to: post content, email addresses, avatar images, website URLs and usernames.
  5. Any offers of paid work through this website must be public. By using this site, you agree not to exploit our members by privately contacting them to offer paid support or services on issues they post.
  6. Jobs posted on this website or quotes for professional services are the responsibility of the poster and do not reflect the principles, ethic or pricing of Obox or the Layers Team. By discussing or accepting an offer for payment, you enter into a private agreement between you and the other individual, exempting Obox and its employees and contractors from involvement and liability.
  7. We reserve the right to ban any account found to be in violation of these terms.


  1. We reserve the right to edit your post to fix content issues that pose potential security or technical issues such as removing admin passwords or fixing code. We may also change the title of your post once it is closed to aid in search-ability.
  2. We reserve the right to delete posts which are incomplete, inflammatory or duplicate topics posted by the same person.
  3. We reserve the right to delete duplicate user accounts
  4. We reserve the right to change our support policy without explicit notification.