WP All Import – Followup – how can i get the category displayed?

Asked on November 2, 2015 in How To.

Hi ,

i wasn’t sure if you got the reply on the original thread so i post it here real quick.

so i tried a little bit and tested it out , now i got to the point i could set everything up , so i got everything imported to Posts and the values torque and Power are correct how i want it to be . so first this is how i did set up the all import options

1. the description setup.

2. The category’s

3. the final upload with unique ID

So i think everything is correct like this ?
so when i go to a finished post for example BMW 1 Series ill get something like this :

that is what i want , now the only problem i have is how to get to that post?
i don’t know where to start with this .

like the post before picture 1 2 and 3 and then choose the post ?
or they have also something like this , a drop down for everything
the make / model / type and year.
then when you press search or more info you go to that corresponding post.

you can see an example here :

any idea what the best solution would be ?

thanks for all the help.

Kind regards

Dieter Jeanty Layers User
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    Answered on November 2, 2015. Best answer

    Hi there,

    I have replied on  the your original thread – https://docs.layerswp.com/forums/question/how-to-import-excel-xls-to-pages-content/

    we have to proritize layers issues so please be patient regarding help with custom site questions.

    Vail Joy Layers Team