Woocommerce does not allow layers page to be set as ‘shop’ page

Asked on October 26, 2015 in Troubleshooting.

I wanted to create my own custom design shop page but woocommerce wont allow a layers page to be set as shop page ( as far as I can see anyway, please prove me wrong!).

in woocoomerce->settings->products->display setting a custom design page to ‘shop’ page changes the design of that page to a standard shop layout. Once done, design lost forever!

I’ve paid for storekit for the nice product carousels for my master shop and category pages but doesnt look like its possible to set one as the shop page.

Its important to be able to do so as plugins and standard woocommerce functionality use this display field setting, for example ‘return to shop’ link on cart page when empty. a plugin i wanted to use also uses this field.

Am I missing something or is this a major bug in storekit?

betterstores Layers User
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    Hi there,

    This is normal. The Shop page in WooCommerce is like a Blog page to WordPress. Whatever page is linked to the Shop endpoint in WooCommerce is used by WooCommerce to output the product archive based on your Product display settings. Static page templates like a Layers page have no query in them and cannot output dynamic content like that – it displays only its own content which is your Layers widget data.  To create a custom page that combines widgets and the WooCommerce product listing, you would need to create your own product-archive.php that has a widget area and a WooCommerce tag so the shop endpoint can use it.  This is specific to WooCommerce and is not something Layers or StoreKit can change or cause.
    To put it another way, while you have a physical Shop page under Pages, this is only used as the permalink and the content is ignored. The template this page uses must be specifically coded as a WooCommerce shop template, or be left blank/default to use the original. You can create a landing page for your shop using a Layers page, however you must have a normal product archive linked to the WooCommerce shop page setting to allow the breadcrumbs and other internal linking to work .

    The following resources from WooCommerce documentation attempt to explain this in more detail:


    Vail Joy Layers Team

    thats very disappointing.

    what is storekit for then? creating a homepage with product widgets and caroseul? you need to be explicit in your sales blurb that this is all it can do…….

    your blurb on codecanyon etc suggests the plugin can do more, ‘Shop Page customization’ if only allowing the choosing of which product data to show does not really stack up to be shop page customization in my opinion.

    I understand what you’re saying about the structure of the shops similar to blogs but the widgets for product caroseals and sliders within storekit are perfectly suited to creating woocommerce shop pages, i dont understand why you’ve not built storekit with this in mind.

    storekit is a bit of a waste of money. two key features in cart in shop header and customising shop pages are a real let down…. neither of which i can use in my final store….

    badly thought out features like this push people to build their own, pushing them out of the paying ecosystem you want them part of…..

    on October 26, 2015.

    Wow. So $21 and you can only build a store based site?? Very, very disappointing. I’ve been racking my brain for the past hour to get a functional, customizable shop page running only to find this explanation.

    on January 18, 2016.

    As a feature request, can you please force override WC endpoints so that we can set your Layers StoreKit shop as the “shop” page?

    Whenever I change WC settings now it causes my StoreKit shop to be replaced by the WC default store. I then have to manually remove it again.

    Also, ShopKit removes the category-specific classes that WC provides by default. See my other post about this.

    As it stands the plugin seems like a half upgrade, half downgrade.

    on April 23, 2016.

    Hi there,

    The issues you have should be directed to WooCommerce – that plugin is what provides the shop functionality, layouts and page templates. StoreKit is an extension for the Layers theme framework (which is not a WooCommerce theme) that adds further support for WooCommerce by allowing you to show or hide sidebars, product meta, header cart dropdowns, and hover effects for the product images. Its main feature is that it adds widgets for building landing pages. Landing pages are not shop pages – WooCommerce will always have control over the catalog display and will inject its catalog into whatever page you link in the WooCommerce settings, therefore a page created with any page builder (not just layers pages) will be ignored. The only method WooCommerce provides for creating fully custom shop pages is themes that include custom templates. There are some WooCommerce extensions out there that allow customization of individual elements of the shop (like images or button text) or add things to it like adverts, custom headers or message tabs. You can find those on the WooCommerce marketplace under the WooCommerce > Add Ons link. Note that they have nothing to do with Layers specifically.

    We will never force override woocommerce endpoints from within Layers, as it is not a WooCommerced product. If you need to replace the shop page with a Layers page, WooCommerce allows you to edit the endpoints yourself.

    on June 28, 2016.

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