Why I have alert in Yoast of alt images, low description and h2?

Asked on May 2, 2016 in How To.


I have my website hidden, agrabay.com. I am constructing and I want to publish very soon.

I am working about SEO, I installed the plugin that you recommend for it “YOAST” but I have alerts in my pages about:

.- My images have not “alt” when I put it in all them

.- Yoast don’t found tittles h2

.- The description is low

Can I solved it? Can you help me?

Thank you,


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    Answered on May 2, 2016.

    Hi Ángela ,

    The image Alt text you can find in the media uploader so if you go to :
    Dashboard -> Media -> Libary -> then select image then the fourth line it says ALT Text , I give in the name of the image

    Then for SEO you can change heading types easily with Layers Pro , in the latest version SEO Header selection is enabled.
    as you can see here

    you can read more about it in the blogpost of the new layers 1.5


    As for description is low if this is in your snippet editor on page options you need to add more content to the description.
    if it is on your pages you need to try add extra content to your layers pages IF possible.

    Hope it helped 🙂


    Thanks for all,

    I had completed the fourth line in my images but I have the alert by Yoast, why?

    I have the version 1.5 and I can not see the heading type, in the version “no pro”, are there headings? It said, that thought I can not select them, there are headings.

    As with the “alt images” I have a description but also Yoast said me that I don’t have it.


    on May 2, 2016.

    Hi Ángela

    You can only change Headings with Layers Pro.
    Maybe it is possible with code i am not sure.
    but Layers Pro is the easiest way.

    As for the Alt img i would check your site on this link:

    if all the images that are on your page have alt text you are good to go
    the Yoast SEO prob doesn’t pick it up very well.

    if you are still unsure you can always check the Yoast SEO support.


    on May 2, 2016.


    Then,  Layers have headings, no? I don’t want change, only the plugin Yoast say me that I don’t have headings and it is strange because I suppose that when I introduce a content there are headings although I can not see, change or select.

    I think that Yoast doesn’t work alright because I have illogical alerts

    Thank you for all,


    on May 2, 2016.

    Hi Ángela ,

    Layers does have headings .
    Widget titles will default to an H2 and column/post titles to an H3.
    I think Yoast gives you this alert because the H1 is not defined.
    I will take a look at this.

    layers standard is good optimised for SEO you can read more about it here :


    on May 2, 2016.

    Layers Pro adds the option to choose the heading type in your widgets. However, contrary to what Yoast thinks. Google does not care what the heading is as long as it is h1-h4.

    on May 4, 2016.