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Asked on March 1, 2016 in Customization.


I’m highly considering purchasing the layers website theme and have a few questions regarding what can be customized for this webpage :

Can all or most plugins be installed and used for this theme? Are there any restrictions for downloading plugins? Can the page builder plugin be used?

I would like to insert an image on the front page of my website where certain parts of the image can be clicked to redirect to a different web page (map images). Can this be done? Can images only be inserted?

Currently, the navigation bar at the top is not fixed when scrolling down. Can this be changed so that the navigation bar will always be shown?

I like the current layout of the webpage, however, I want to know whether the layout can be readily customized and moved around. Do the pages shown in the demo only allow for picture and text customization or can I rearrange formats and different options?
Thank you so much,

Elysia Gao

elysiagao Layers User
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    Answered on March 7, 2016.

    Hi there,

    Plugin availability or install is up to your host – if you setup your own WordPress, you can install any plugins you like. Several Layers Extensions specifically found in the Marketplace have a license fee before they can be installed. This supports development of Layers products and ensures it continues to be updated. We cannot guarantee compatibility across all plugins with Layers – there are thousands so it is simply not possible to test them all.  Builder plugins like Aesop Story Engine, and SiteOrigins Page Builder work fine with Layers installed but provide a different function to Layers. Images can be inserted in a variety of widgets and within WordPress content. Layers offers a “Sticky Header” option that allows the header to always show. Pages using the Layers Template are fully widgetized, which means you can move sections around, customize the layouts within the sections and change images and text. You cannot change the overall structure of the site or the default pages without a child theme.
    Please see the following for more information: