Want to earn a few $? Can you assist with 2 custom buttons in one call to action layer?

Asked on August 30, 2017 in Customization.

My website supports our mobile travel app. I have been able to upload the button to the App Store and want to have the Google Play Store button alongside it or just below it.

If I change the custom class to name one : button1 (App Store) and then other : button2 (Google Play) the class on both buttons is changed. So I either have 2 App Store buttons beside each other or 2 Google Play buttons.

Is it possible to have the 2 custom buttons in the same layer?

If you can assist me please reach out – could message me via FB.

Since it appears that no-one from Layers or the community ever responds to questions, thought I may have more joy if I make this a paid gig….

gigi.duncan1 Layers User
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