Video background looping and strecthing

Asked on April 26, 2016 in Feature Requests.

I’m really enjoying using Layers and have bought the Layers Pro plugin.

I’ve figured out how to get my video background, and have got this far:

However, I still prefer how Strikingly handles video (and the mobile navigation).

Please, could you redesign the background video support to offer (or have as a default) looping of the video.

Also, to stretch the video to the width of the portal – this will remove the ugly black border.

If I should have been able to do this myself just let me know. I’m a developer so can fiddle with the PHP or CSS where required.



philstollery Layers User
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    Answered on May 4, 2016.

    Hi there,
    We are expanding the video background functionality and options in a future update for Layers Pro. We will not be able to stretch the video or modify how the video displays when  using hosted services like YouTube- we can only manipulate self-hosted players. can….

    on May 4, 2016.