Asked on February 1, 2017 in Customization.

This may have been answered before, but after reading the forums, it’s still not obvious for me – hopefully someone can help please.

I’m looking to build a simple layers setup, which has a header, left sidebar, content area and then the footer at the very bottom (below both the content area and the sidebar). I’ve tried many things including using the header sidebar (which doesn’t put the footer at the bottom) and using the left sidebar template (doesn’t let me add widgets in the content area).

Help would be much appreciated to get this setup. I’m familiar with code in general, but I’m not a developer, so easiest solution ‘to the eye’ possible please! Thank you so much.

jason152z Layers User

Another solution, which would be fine is to be able to use the header sidebar option, but to be able to put the footer below the header rather than within the wrapper. However, I’ll need to be able to put widgets into the header – how could I do this?

on February 2, 2017.
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