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Asked on June 25, 2015 in How To.

I’m using a style kit called Selene (from Code Canyon/Envato) which didn’t include a blog page so I’m trying to build one from a Layers Blank page (fyi, the Layers Blog layout wasn’t loaded as an option). However, I’m not able to change layout with in the Blog page I created because Layers’ Customizer doesn’t appear to be working for that page–I can’t access the neat customizer layout options for making “content” sections, etc. nor can I even see a tool box which usually shows up on the right side of the page when I’m in Customizer in the other pages. I look forward to hearing from someone on how to fix this. Thanks!

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    Answered on August 21, 2015. Best answer

    Hi there,

    Style Kits are only styles, they do not contain any templates or presets- all they do is change the look.

    To setup a blog page, create a new page and set the Blog page template as the Page Template OR create a new Layers page and use the Posts widget. You can only customize the layout of Layers pages without an Extension/Plugin.

    For documentation on Layers and how to use it, see our User Guide

    If you have questions about your style kit specifically, you can contact the author here.

    Vail Joy Layers Team