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Asked on December 3, 2015 in General Questions.

I don’t know if this is a layers problem or just a wordpress problem I’m having but if you look at this link you will see category links but when I click a link no pages are being shown within each category page. I have created a page and then added it to a category so can’t see why they are not listed?

Lee Foley Layers User
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    Answered on December 4, 2015.

    Hi there,

    Pages in WordPress do not belong to any category structure so will not appear on category archives, Do you mean Posts?

    The first thing you want to resolve is getting your site out of the wordpress subfolder, unless that is intentional. subfolders will break your permalink structure without some server-side hacks, as WordPress will talk to your main domain URL without the subfolder by default. First try resaving your permalinks under Settings > Permalinks (make sure they are on Post Name). If that does not solve it, ensure your posts are Published. A Case study like this one:

    Is a Layers page, so it is not part of any category and should also not be nested under a Case Study page.  To create an archive or “category” view of layers pages, you must create one Layers page for each Archive that uses the content widget to link to each individual page/case study. I hope that makes sense!

    Thankyou for getting back to, I should have mentioned I have a plugin that allows  you to put a page into a category. This uses the same functionality as a post ie it still uses archive.php

    on December 4, 2015.