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Asked on December 19, 2016 in How To.

I’m trying to make a large full width social bar near the bottom of pages.  I want to use the content columns and I want them to have zero margin on the left and right sides so all 3 columns are touching each other and the side of the browser window.  I’ve messed with the advanced settings on the columns and set those to zero, but that leaves a good amount of space to the right.  This is due to some calculations being done in the css to get the proper width of the screen, but in the calculation they have a – 20 being applied that then creates that extra space.  Wondering if there’s any way to fix this within the layer system instead of having to hack up the CSS.

Can’t include a URL as this is a localhost site.  Could provide pictures if needed.

mark.fenske Layers User
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    Answered on January 17, 2017.

    Hi there.
    Choose “no gutter” under Columns, then set the margin and padding under Advanced to 0.
    Note that columns with a background color set will have padding added = what youa re trying to achieve is easier done with the Custom Menu Widget.  See the following:

    How to Add Horizontal Menus to Any Spot in Layers Builder Pages

    Layers Content Widget: Jumbo Menus