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Asked on January 25, 2016 in Customization.

Hi I have seen there is a lot of valuable js code available in the core. Is it possible to release a section in the documentation that shows which functions could be called to make the website more interactive 🙂

– calling a slideTo (on a different page / using anchors)
– resizing the slider on other slide calls
– scrolltop events
– etc

Would be nice!

Kind regards,

Quinten Peuling Layers User
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    Answered on February 2, 2016. Best answer

    Hi there,

    For feedback or requests regarding the docs site, please use the Feedback button 🙂

    We offer several tutorials that include jQuery, however it is not our place to include a library of all the jQuery snippets you could use – those are provided on the jquery website here:

    I also recommend sites like CodeDrops for other nice JS things you can add via DevKit or a child theme.

    For help with swiper.js specifically, see their documentation here:

    Vail Joy Layers Team