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Asked on December 23, 2016 in Development.

Hey guys – I’m looking to overhaul my current WP site on the Layers framework, and the project is beyond my capabilities — one part of it, at least — so I’m looking for help.

My site includes a directory of speaker profiles (motivational speakers, leadership speakers, etc. – not audio speakers!) that needs to be sortable/searchable by categories like topic, fee, etc. My current site uses a modified version of a real estate theme. (See: www.thespeakersgroup.com)

I’m trying to build on the Concept Living theme right now. Wondering if I could adapt the ecommerce functionality — where each speaker is a product — or if I should just create a custom post type from the ground up. No one can “buy” a speaker from my site. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if they could add speakers to the “cart” though to request more information about those speakers. (So, the transaction would be free, but it would save them from having to fill out an information request form on multiple speakers’ pages.)

I need some guidance on figuring out the most efficient way to achieve my desired functionality. Then I need help creating the custom post type or custom “product” page template. And I need to be able to let speakers add their own post content via a form. (So, they enter their name field, bio field, presentation title field, etc.) Then I can review it, modify it, and when ready publish it.

Anyone here interested in discussing this type of project?

Thank you!!!

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