Left sidebar not showing on single post

Asked on January 16, 2016 in Customization.

When I create pages with layers, I can choose a template with one or two sidebars and it would display correctly.
However, If I create a post I cannot choose a template for a post and if I place a widget in the left sidebar it does not show. If I move the same widget to the right sidebar it displays correctly. Am I doing something wrong or Layers does not display the left sidebar?

amamdouh Layers User
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    Answered on January 20, 2016.

    Hi there,
    When creating posts, there are no post templates or per-post customizer settings in Layers by default(this is extremely difficult from a programming and performance perspective when using the customizer). There is only one global setting, which is under the Blog panel in the Customizer, where you can choose a sidebar layout for archives, and one for single posts/pages. Sidebars will not show unless a widget is in it.