Layers Pro Feature request: Gallery Widget

Asked on December 14, 2015 in Feature Requests.

Hi There,

One thing I’m really looking for with layers is a decent, lightbox gallery. I’ve temporarily developed my own widget to do this, but it’s limited by my coding knowledge.

As an example, it’d need a multi-image upload button that allows you to select multiple images, then drag and drop to change the order, or remove the images individually. User would be able to set number of columns, grid or masonry layout,gutter or no gutter. I also think image ratios should allow you to create a square gallery (no matter what ratio the original image has), circle, landscape, portrait, and original (I struggled to get image ratios to work properly with my gallery). And most importantly, I think it should link to a lightbox when you click the image.

I’d love to see this feature added, I think it would be invaluable. There is a plugin that comes close, called Mojo Gallery – but I personally don’t think the styles line up with Layers style (my opinion) – but the multi-image select function is amazing on that.

Sam Skirrow Power User
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Answered on December 14, 2015.

Hi there,

This is not something we would add to Layers Pro since Layers Pro is about enhancing core functionality, but it may become its own Extension. When checking out the existing extensions, look for Portfolio as well, not all of them identify as galleries.