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Asked on April 30, 2015 in How To.

Hi. So. I got myself into a bit of a spot. I have to translate a site in arabic, and in order to try get the text not to scramble, I chose to use arabic as the wordpress language. But: Layers now looks like this:

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    Hi there,

    Layers comes with Arabic but is ar_SA specific, so you would have had to choose that language for WordPress. This will not enable RTL support in WordPress or the theme though – that has to be done with a plugin, or by you in the editor controls (right align) OR can be done completely via a child theme. It also helps if you install the standard WordPress version, then simply choose the language (ie make sure you did not download a special arabic WordPress package, which may not be updated in the same way as the core package)

    Here are some helpful resources:
    Adding RTL support to the theme – (Use that with our Child Theme guide linked form the main menu here)
    WP-RTL will add directional switching for content OR
    RTL Tester will switch direction for the entire site
    See How to Translate Layers and How to Translate Widgets or display different widgets per language

    Vail Joy Layers Team