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Asked on September 30, 2015 in Development.

Hi All ..
I’m sorry but I’m struggling to find the answer to this question despite looking for a couple of days.

I’d like to customise the Layer Template so that I can have a simple Landing page with no navigation for the home page (one button only) and the second Layer Template with Navigation and other elements for my websites.

Can the Layer template be customised ? I’ve tried adding a slug in the way you do with other page templates but this doesnt seem possible with the Layer Template.( The new template behaves as a blank template without the additional options.)

I have a Layer child theme working fine … I just want to save work as a page template.

I’m sure this is a simple question …although I’m a noob to WP (1 week).. I have plenty of experience with PHP.

Much appreciate any help.

ordikid Layers User

Please note i have seen the CSS –
.home .wrapper-site header {display: none;} which helps with my landing page.
but I’m still wondering about creating a layer template with a slug. Thanks

on September 30, 2015.
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    Answered on October 1, 2015.

    Hi there,

    You would not be modifying the core builder template perse, it sounds like you want to duplicate it. You can do that to a degree, but the only template that is linked into the framework is builder.php, meaning it is the only one that is backed up using the backup pages function, and the only one linked to the duplicate and export functions. The builder.php itself is just a normal page template that calls the specific Layers widget area.

    To allow users to hide the header and footer on the builder page, what I recommend is adding a custom field to the page that has a dropdown option for full screen or normal (or however you want to describe it). You can then use get_page_meta() to check for their choice on that page and either have it load inline CSS that sets the header-site and footer-site to display: none, or you can copy the header and footer templates into your child theme and wrap those two HTML blocks in a condition, ie:

    <?php if(get_post_meta($post->ID, 'show_header', true) = 'on' { ?>
     <footer id="footer" class="footer-site">
     /* footer content */
     <?php } ?>

    This tutorial takes you through custom fields and how to implement them on the front end:

    I really appreciate your response. Particularly the time you’ve take to formulate the answer. It sounds like i’m not using Layers as it was intended. I’m going to review the page you gave me and have a think about this more. I’ll obviously be doing more reading!!!!

    Thanks again Vail.

    on October 1, 2015.