Using Divi with Layers

Asked on May 25, 2016 in General Questions.

Hi there,

Install was successful, but don’t see the plugin in side menu and cant do anything. I have the latest WP patch and my theme is Divi.

jonas Layers User
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Answered on June 8, 2016.

Hi there.
Just to clarify, Layers is a theme framework and Divi is a builder plugin.  Previous versions of the Divi plugin would work with Layers, but it duplicates a lot of functionality that can cause conflicts. It is very possible Elegant has locked use of Divi to their own themes in which case you’ll need to decide which framework to use.  Layers by itself is a developer framework and can be used to make basic layouts. You would then build out your site using Layers child themes, styles or extensions that provide just the things you need. By comparison, Divi packs a ton of stuff into one plugin and requires a separate theme no matter what, and it does not use the WordPress customizer. If you have specific questions about your project and would like our advice on what you would need to make it happen in Layers for a price comparison on Divi, please send us a message via our site on Layers Messenger 🙂

Hi again,

I’m a newbie to build website. So sorry for my basic questions. If I install a child theme from you. Can I use the plugin in dat theme? Have you a link to that?

on June 8, 2016.