Is it possible to show full text of posts/turn off excerpts?

Asked on May 9, 2015 in General Questions.


I am strongly considering using Layers for my new blog theme, but since this would be used for a site that is primarily a blog and very text heavy, I would like the full text of posts to be shown on the main page without having to click the ‘Read More’ button. While tinkering with the Layers Demo, it seemed that there wasn’t an easy way to get around having excerpts show on posts. Could you let me know if this is an easy fix, or if it requires going into the code? As I said, I want to use Layers for my blog design revamp, but this feature (or potential lack there of) is holding me back. Thanks in advance.

nuri.abdurrauf Layers User
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    Hi there,

    We cannot allow full content to display in widgets because it introduces too many ways to break the layout either due to too much text, embedded images, etc. If you are using the Blog  template as a static homepage, you can change the feed to show full posts by going to Appearance > Editor, clicking on the content-list.php and changing the function on line 20:



    It is best if you do this using a child theme so you don’t have to repeat the change every time you update Layers. You can learn how to set one up here:

    All you need is the style.css, and to copy over the content-list.php from the parent into a partials folder in your child theme -you do not need the functions.php or any of the stuff in the starter theme so don’t use that!

    We will be releasing a new extension called BlogKit that adds post-level options to the Customizer to allow for tailoring things like showing author, date and whether archives should use excerpts or full content.

    Vail Joy Layers Team