How to show Posts and Recent Comments side by side?

Asked on August 6, 2015 in Customization.

I am building a layout and I want to show Posts and Recent Comments side by side. Also I found that you cannot change how many columns Recent Comments uses, is there a reason for this? It would be useful if all widgets behaved the same.

clintongreen Layers User
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    Recent Comments is a WordPress widget, which is designed as a sidebar widget (one column with a limited count of post links). You can display posts and recent comments side by side by using the Blog page template which has a standard sidebar for placing this widget. The Layers page templates use a stacked layout by default as they are intended primarily for use as landing pages which benefit from a top-down content order. There are Layers extensions which allow creation of columned widget areas in these pages which helps if you want to use a post widget next to a default widget. You can otherwise use the Content Widget to setup a 2/3 layout and use shortcodes from a plugin like Shorotcodes Ultimate to add a list of posts to the “sidebar” column. This is what we do on the main Layers Docs homepage.

    For a full tutorial on using the CSS panel and Advance option, with CSS tips please type “How to customize your site with CSS” in the Search and you should get all the links 🙂

    Vail Joy Layers Team