How to export setup for header, footer and mobile sidebar?

Asked on June 10, 2015 in Development.


I am new to Layers and as well as WP theme. I have successfully created layers child theme with divkit, colorkit and storekit.
I am able to install this new child theme and pages to another wordpress website (xml and json files).
Here are my problems:
1) I set sticky header, site logo and changed the background color. I also put facebook likebox, newsletter subscription box at the footer.
However, I am not able to extract the setting out from the created child theme. When install child theme at other website, header and footer not changed accordingly.
2) I am not able to export woocommerce products data and child theme changes.

What should I do to solve the two problems above?

chinhocktan Layers User
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Answered on August 21, 2015. Best answer

Hi there,
I am not sure I understand the issue 100% so hopefully the following helps you:

1. Layers presets and customizer defaults only affect layers defaults.
– Colors should not be set
– The header and footer position need the right ids. See layers_customizer_defaults
– Check the actual customizer options and set them. If your install has an option selected in the database already, your presets will be ignored, so setting them and resaving should work without a problem.
2. Widgets outside of the Layers builder pages are not exported in your json data. Only that page’s widgets are exported. Sidebars widgets, footers, and mobile sidebar are considered Global settings and do not have an export method within the theme yet. Use a plugin such as “Widget Importer & Exporter” which you can install free from PLugins > Add New
3. WooCommerce product data is totally separate from the theme and Layers. It is exported from Tools > Export as part of your site content XML export. There is no settings export for extensions like StoreKit and ColorKit at this time so please be sure your child theme does not depend on any plugin settings and that your demo is clear on what plugins are used and where.

If you are staging a site on one install and are just looking for a way to move it over, do a full backup with something like ManageWP or WP-BackitUp and then restore it on the other install.  The key is all these settings are stored in the database, not an external file.

Vail Joy Layers Team