How to disable mobile and responsible?

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How to disable mobile and responsible versions? Its real?

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Answered on October 22, 2015.

From How Can I Turn Off the Mobile or Responsive View

“Responsive” is a core fundamental of modern web design which aims to ensure your site is easier to navigate, read and use on smaller screens. This is achieved through using a combination of techniques such as percentages rather than pixel values for widths and heights, rem units for fonts, mobile scripting and CSS media queries. These techniques are derived from a great deal of testing and research by our own designers and our industry peers. The purpose is to scale down content so your visitors can quickly find what they came for, especially those on a GSM or 3G connection. If you sell anything through your site, this is doubly important – it is extremely hard to navigate and use a full desktop layout on a mobile screen, as the page would be shrunken down so far the links would be hard to tap and the text unreadable.

As such, you cannot simply turn off a site’s responsive design as it is the core of the design.

You can customize aspects of the mobile view you don’t like or want to adjust with Custom CSS. The DevKit extension provides a tablet and mobile view to make this easier when buildiong custom styles in the Customizer preview. See the following tutorials for more detailed information on how to customize mobile views to meet your site’s design needs: