How to correct ‘Layers_Widget_Migrator’ not found Error?

Asked on May 16, 2016 in Troubleshooting.


I am using Layers Child Theme Flexy by GB Themes. I am  consistently receiving the Class error shown below. GB Themes says this is a Layers issue and not a Child Theme  issue so I am posting this support request here. Please advise on how to address this issue.

My PHP Error Log is showing the following error and stack trace:

Class ‘Layers_Widget_Migrator’ not found:

# Function Location
1 Layers_Widgets::clear_page_widgets() /wp-content/themes/layerswp/core/widgets/init.php:181
2 Layers_Widgets->clear_page_widgets(10798) :null
3 call_user_func_array(Array ([0] => Layers_Widgets Object (),[1] => clear_page_widgets), Array ([0] => 10798)) /wp-includes/plugin.php:525
4 do_action(delete_post, 10798) /wp-includes/post.php:2559
5 wp_delete_post(10798, 1) /wp-includes/post.php:5994
6 wp_delete_auto_drafts() :null
7 call_user_func_array(wp_delete_auto_drafts, Array ()) /wp-includes/plugin.php:601
8 do_action_ref_array(wp_scheduled_auto_draft_delete, Array ()) /wp-cron.php:117



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    Answered on May 20, 2016.

    Hi there,
    First ensure Layers Pro is at 1.6.2 or higher.
    The Flexy authors have not updated the theme for 1.5 compatibility so I it is very likely this is their problem to solve or every Layers site would be encountering it. Please direct them to this guide:
    You can test this easily by deactivating the theme or their plugin and see if the error goes away.  (it should as long as you are on 1.5.1 and don’t have other outdated Layers extensions enabled)

    These THEME error messages may appear during the installation of the program when the program associated with GB.theme (for example, Microsoft Windows) is launched at startup or end of Windows, or even when installing the Windows operating system. Tracking the GB.theme error event is important information when troubleshooting.

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