How do I stop a video from repeating it’s self in the slider

Asked on September 21, 2016 in How To.

I have embedded a video from my server on a slider, but I want it to stop repeating once it has played through the first time. I have a second slider that is just an image and I want it to remain on that image after the video is done playing is there something I can do to make this happen?

nalu.web Layers User
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Answered on October 10, 2016.

Hi there,

If you are using the background video feature, then no, as it is coded to autoplay and loop a video clip as a full-motion background. If you are adding video using the Featured Media option, how the video behaves depends on the settings you select when generating the share url on the video provider site, or how the video is configured by the owner.   This doc explains how you can add custom embeds to get more control over the video action, but you are not able to control what image appears when the video ends unless you own the video:

If you are looking to create a more presentational experience, you might check out the Master Slider plugin, which allows you to add things like times actions etc.  For even more control, check out Slider Revolution.