How can I make an image (with a link) open in a new tab?

Asked on January 21, 2016 in Customization.

I want an image on my website to take a browser to their destination (e.g.  but I want them to go there on a new tab (or window, I’m not picky) and not forget about me and my precious website.

Any takers? I’m hoping to do this from the ‘Featured Image’ section of the Content Widget.

Many thanks in advance 🙂

uhleka Layers User
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    Answered on February 2, 2016.

    Hi there,

    This is currently not possible in the core widget but is something we are looking to add in the future. There are several Layers extensions that offer advanced content widgets with this functionality.

    Thanks for this. Is it possible for you to post the list of these ‘advanced content widgets’ so that I can implement the functionality?

    on February 4, 2016.