Hide header/footer completely from customizer

Asked on June 12, 2015 in How To.

It seems there is no way to completely hide header/footer without the use of custom css (or scripts).

So it is impossible to create a fullscreen slider without header/footer. Or do I miss something? If not, please consider this as feature request, along with the ability to ‘overlay’ the footer as well.



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Answered on August 21, 2015. Best answer

Headers and footers are structural elements that exist outside of the layout area and are needed for other reasons (ie they must actually load), so it is not likely we will add an option to layers to hide or remove them. Keep in mind that would be a global option that would remove them across your entire site, as we currently cannot control page-specific layouts from the customizer beyond what goes on inside the widget zone. Something like this would belong in the realm of a custom page template in a child theme that can be targeted with CSS to artificially hide those sections of the page, but which still allows them to load. To do it on your own site, add the following (assuming the page is set as the home page)

 .home .header-site{display: none;}
 .home .footer-site{display: none;}

To hide the menus, simply create an empty menu and assign it to those locations. The footer menu is empty by default if no menu is set – the header menu needs a blank menu or it is prefilled with the WordPress fall-back menu.

To remove the copyright, simply remove the text from the Footer Text option in the Customizer under Footer.

Vail Joy Layers Team