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Asked on August 25, 2015 in Feature Requests.

Hi There,
After playing around with Layers thoroughly, I think it is genuinely excellent, however, I feel like something that is really lacking with layers is the ability to add rows and add different elements within those rows.

2 examples where I can think of this being useful:
1) Say, for instance, on a single page layout, it’s quite common to differentiate sections on the page by having a different background color. Section A might be White, whilst Section B might be grey. However, within these sections you may with to have a variety of elements (i.e. more than one widget) – I think this will be increasingly necessary as more widgets become available on the market to extend layers.

2) Another example would be if you want a layout with multiple columns within a row, but, you wish to have different elements within each column. Again, this will be almost 100% needed as more extension widgets are made and become available to users.

I believe this to be a fundamental of website design, and whilst you almost achieve this with the “Content” widget – I feel like that particular widget doesn’t quite cover enough design elements a user might want to incorporate in their site.

Can you tell me if this is something you will add into a future release of Layers?

Sam Skirrow Power User
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    Answered on August 25, 2015.

    We spent a significant amount of time on this concept prior to launching Layers, and the fact is that it just isn’t that compatible with how the Customizer works. To achieve this, you need a widget that creates more widget areas dynamically, and widgets inside widgets is not only a performance concern, but hard to pull off from a UX perspective. It was cut as a core feature and left up to child themers to implement.

    With that said, a developer came along and created the wonderful little Row Element For Layers Extension, which I think does what you are talking about. It does have some challenges, but I am sure he would love some help and collaboration to make it better. You can check it out here:


    Thanks for your answer.
    To be honest, I thought this might be the case, and what you  are discussing (and what is implemented in that plugin you suggested) for me I don’t think is very intuitive from a user perspective….it’s more of a hack than a solution.

    Having said all that, I think the answer might be to just add slightly greater functionality to the “content” widget.

    For example, having the ability to customise the buttons, or the ability to add modal content to images – something like that could mean that there is no need to add different widgets into the same row or column.

    Another alternative may be the use of shortcodes and an “elements” feature (in a similar way to visual composer does it). So for example a user could create a content widget, and then have an “Elements” button that would show a list of elements to add into the column – for example, a contact form, or a youtube video. I think that could actually be a pretty viable way of doing things.

    Something I might look into with another developer and see if it flows nicely with Layers.
    Thanks for your help though, would be keen to know what you think of my thoughts above.

    on August 27, 2015.

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