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Asked on July 31, 2015 in General Questions.


Everytime I try to change to localhost to web provider I get layout’s errors and I need to fix everything mannually.
I upload all the archives ussing a Chil theme to a brand new WordPress site with blank database, do all regular steps and import the .js pages layouts too. But doesn’t works!
Could you, please, give me some help?


carmine Layers User
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Answered on August 24, 2015. Best answer

Hi there,
Please see the following for how to migrate wordpress from local to server

If you are only importing layers pages exports from your local, be sure to go through the Export Guide:

Before you begin, the active theme must be the same on both installs.

1. The content must be exported to XML and imported on your live site first. This creates the posts/pages and imports all media. If the media import is not working, you need to import all the images in the media manager before importing layouts and make sure the file names are the same.

2. Export the individual layers pages to json files

3. Import them on the live server. The import process should be able to match the image filenames in your json to the ones in the media library – it ignores the URL.

Vail Joy Layers Team