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Asked on November 10, 2015 in Development.

I am a theme developer and recently developed this child theme themes.layero.com/ojeenwp with Layers. I created widgets for each feature ie, a widget for reservation form, a widget for about us section, a widget for menu section, like that. I also made a preset of each section of the site so users can easily setup pages.

However the problem I am having is that when I submit to mojomarketplace or themeforest they need to have all the data imported with a single click, like all wordpress contents can be imported with a .xml file.

I went through Layers documents and found that I need to upload a .json file for each page layout and need to upload them each manually. But I don’t think marketplaces like that idea.

So is there anyway/any plugin where I can give the user my demo contents in just one file?


charlesjohn2004 Layers User
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Answered on November 13, 2015.

Hi there,

Themeforest should not be requiring one file for all content. Please see the following:

If your reviewer is saying anything different on that guide, re-submit and include a link to the guidelines we link in that doc.

There are two kinds of “demo” content. By default, WordPress has no way to just export an entire site setup to one file.  There is the standard XML export of the content, which will produce a file with posts, pages categories tags and the media library – so ensure those are all clean and on a live server before exporting.  That XML file pertains to the “demo site”. Next there are the Presets. When users click a Preset, it automatically brings in the widgets, widget config and the images used. Presets are at the user’s discretion. While they can be part of a demo, they should not be forced on the user – that is why they exists, so users can choose which preset pages to load.

Customizer settings are setup by you in the functions.php file and don’t need iport – please see our Child theme Guide for info on that.

If you are looking for a way to bring over ALL widget settings, including non-preset pages, you need a plugin like Widget Import or Exporter. This produces a wie file that can be imported with that plugin or most like it.

We are looking into ways to create a single-site export to help with demos, but need to overcome some of the inherent challenges in WordPress that keep them from already having that feature in the core.