DevKit destroys my ‘normal’ css?

Asked on February 1, 2016 in General Questions.

Here’s an odd problem I had today:
I was under the impression, DevKit SHARES the same css with ‘regular’ LayersWP CSS… But that seems not to be the case. Here’s what I did:
– I installed the DevKit-plugin and edited a bit CSS, JS etc…
– I switched it off, due to some perfomance issues and
– edited some css using the built-in css text-box.
– Later I activated the DevKit plugin again (and imported some swiper-images into WP )
– When I clicked ‘save & publish’, all my CSS where gone and replaced by the latest CSS I added to DevKit).

Isn’t DevKit supposed to share CSS/JS with the ‘normal’ LayersWP CSS? And if it is not: Why?

That makes activating/deactivating DevKit in production environments somewhat risky, doesn’t it?


PS: One more thing: Where does DevKit save it’s modifications (CSS/JS) and where are the ‘normal’ CSS/JS saved?

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    Answered on February 2, 2016.

    Hi there!
    This forum is specifically for Layers questions and development collaboration – for issues with DevKit or other Obox products, you can drop us a line via Layers Messenger if using Layers, or visit the Obox Support site here:

    DevKit does not share CSS or pull CSS in from anywhere. It is a Custom CSS and JS editor for your Customizer only which will load that custom code after all other styling is loaded, or assist you in building child theme styles. When deactivated, it will display code you enter in the CSS panel in the Customizer if you are using Layers (this is part of the Layers integration of the plugin – if you use a different theme, there is no interaction between DevKit and custom options of that theme). Please see the user guide here:

    There is no risk having it active in production environments, we have it active on Layers Docs.


    thx for your reply – I will move to the obox site….

    Just for completeness sake: It’s not good, that DevKit overwrites CSS entered in the Non-DevKit-Customizer’s CSS field (in case they contain different css) without further asking… I know this is an edge-case, but anyway…

    on February 2, 2016.